Swarovski Binoculars 8.5×42
I think most people have heard of Swarovski Binoculars and would recommend them, we are no different.

I personally use this exact model for all my Deer Stalking activities.

So how do they measure up?

I own the 8.5×42 Range so I will start from the beginning.

I bought my swarovski binoculars on my last year as a Game keeping student. After saving hard for the two final years on my course to purchase these, I was incredibly excited when they arrived. The main reason for that was the number of binoculars I was wearing out per year, mainly with parts coming loose and the all to familiar double vision after a few months of heavy use.

My Swarovski binoculars arrived and it changed my view!! (No pun intended)

The build. At first glance you can see that these binoculars have been thought about, the eye pieces are secure, the design is incredibly smooth and they flow perfectly from one side to the other.

One of the things I quickly noticed was, unlike most binoculars, they have thought about how we hold them! With small grooves underneath that allow your fingers to rest perfectly underneath.

The actual vision through these swarovski binoculars is second to none! Unbelievable clarity, I’d love to say the Deer really stand out, however the problem with these binoculars is that you will love to look at everything through them!! Everything looks brighter, waterfalls look amazing even at a distance.

Now comparing these for me was a struggle, however I spoke to one of my friends and we talked and talked and talked, argued a little..

You got it he’s a Leica fan! And power to them, again fantastic binoculars, and as soon as I can pry them out of his hands I will review them aswell!

All in all, what would I say to you about the Swarovski Binoculars 8.5×42 is..

Fantastic and I will certainly have mine for a lot of years yet! I think the lifetime guarantee is amazing, all the consumable parts like the eye cups are replaced free of charge whenever they break, and you don’t need to prove the old ones are broken! They actually take your word for it!! The same can be said for the straps and the lens covers. I have had them all replaced for only the postage fee, which i think is more than fair, as with the amount of use i give them, I go through roughly one set of eye pieces per year.



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