Shooting Ear Defenders

There purpose is clear.

These days we all know to well that shooting is not good for your ears, in fact, I bet most people know someone who is deaf as a post because of shooting!

I am not sure if you will know this but the sounds you hear can go up to around 140dB but anything at or over that level can damage your hearing.

To put this in perspective a .22 fired can be over 140dB so really you should not be firing any shotguns or firearms without the proper hearing protection.


Non Electronic Moulded Ear defenders

As a shooting Instructor and also a shooter myself, I use lots of different types of hearing protection for different situations.

I have self moulded ones which i like, I have some factory moulded ones that i like also. However, I am just never convinced about making them yourself.

If you get it wrong you could go quite a long time using them only to find out you have not moulded them properly and that could potentially damage your hearing.

You can find the moulding kits all over the internet, however I can’t recommend as they can be hit or miss.

Factory Moulded Ear Defenders. These are the set to go to for most shooters.

You need an audiologist you get them in most towns and city’s they will take a mould of your ear this can range from £25-£35 but shouldn’t be to much more.

You will go In and they will actually fill your ear and take a mould. This is not your ear plugs, they then get sent away and your plugs are made.

generally this can take up to four weeks.

Electronic Moulded Ear Plugs

Same fitting procedures as the moulded non electronic ear plugs but with an electronic filter to allow some sounds through but block harmful sounds.

I used to own a set of these however I stopped using them due to battery consumption and I could hear well with my non electronic defenders.

However they are by far superior to non electronic if you are already slightly hard of hearing.


Peltor Sport Tac ear defenders

The Peltor range of over ear ear defenders is second to none and there is one set in particular that I would recommend.

Peltor SportTac

I got these about three years ago and love them. They are tight enough to my ear that they do not scuff the comb of my shotgun, they completely deaden the sound of the shotgun but you can hear the shooters two or three pegs down chatting away.

  • Simple Battery Change
  • Easy on/off Button
  • Easy Volume Control
  • Good Battery life

however there is another plus. As an instructor, sometimes I can start getting a sore head even with my moulded plugs in if I am at a shooting ground teaching all day,  Peltor Sporttac fit straight over the top of my standard moulded ear defenders giving me double protection.

Please do comment below we like to hear what others think of these products also.