Everyone has there favorite boots, and we are no different.

But with so many on the market, it can be hard to decide which boots are going to stand up to the test of time.

Over my 17 years working professionally within the shooting, hunting and fishing industry, I think I have tried almost every boot on the market.

Check out the Meindl boot reviews. Some good, some not so good, so I wanted to outline what we think makes a good boot and why.

Firstly, here is what Meindl say about there boots..

  • Many hunters can confirm our view that a good quality boot is necessary. Many years of experience have taught us the essentials: hunting boots must be non skid, rugged and waterproof.

The above statement is taken from there website and below we have broken it down. So how do we figure the boots compared to their statement?

  • Many Hunters can confirm that they need a good boot..Yup
  • They have many years experience..Yup
  • Hunting boots must be non skid.. Definitely
  • Rugged and waterproof.. Absolutely

So what are our thoughts. Firstly, let me tell you that I own two pairs of Meindl Boots and I use them on my shoot days. I also use them when i’m out stalking. And again, when I take the dogs out. One of my very good friends, a Head Gamekeeper, who will remain nameless (he’s a little shy), uses these boots everyday of his life.

The build. These boots, regardless of the model, have a fantastic build; strong leather, no gaps, holes or extra bits of leather around the tongue that press against your ankle as your walking! Vibram soles as standard, to guarantee that extra grip when you need it.

Now to the downsides. There’s not to many. Laces, they are a big gripe of mine, in the days that i used my boots everyday as a gamekeeper, laces were like fishing nylon, they always broke at the wrong time!!

My advice to anyone who wears their boots hard, would be to buy a second set of laces and stick them somewhere you can easily find them, because mark my words.. that day, that happen every year, when you are running late and in a rush, “Ping”, that’s it, they’re gone, and you’re trying to tie them back together, they never stay fastened and before you know it, if you’re anything like me, they have driven you mad, and you need to go through some calm breathing!

Would I buy these boots again? Absolutely.

Would I recommend them? Definitely.

Check out the range of Meindl Boots here.