Here is where we look into the murky depths of the right Gundog whistle!

Firstly let me say that, I say murky as there are just so many on the market, it can be incredibly confusing for someone to actually pick the right gundog whistle for them.

If you look on eBay for example, there are probably over 30 brands and some unbranded, all offering the same or slightly different whistles.

So we will start with tone, lets look at how a human’s hearing differs from a dog’s.

The human range is commonly given as 20 to 20,000 Hz

A dogs hearing range is typically 40 Hz to 60 kHz (60,000 Hz),[17] which is a range of 10.5 octaves. (Humans hear a range of about 10 octaves.) As with humans, some dog breeds’ hearing ranges narrow with age.

So where do we start.

I know, lets look at the ones I wouldn’t touch.

Please note, this doesn’t make them bad, just not right for me and my team.

Adjustable dog whistle


The Adjustable whistle. Why not I hear you ask.

Long and short, they fall to bits inside your jacket. If you use a lanyard like most of us do, as you rumble around climbing fences, bending over to retrieve birds from your dog, I advise against them as I have had at least 10 of these and you guessed it, they all fell to bits!

Secondly.. yup there’s a secondly!

As it states it is adjustable, now you know how intuitive your dog is, it knows your voice over a strangers, it’s able to find you via your smell through a crowded room, find its own gap in a fence and pretty much figure things out for its self to an extent. However dogs depend on us to provide a structure that keeps them safe and happy.

So imagine I wanted you to stop but instead of saying ‘STOP’ i said ” UPSIDE DOWN PANCAKES”, you may stop just because I said something so random! However as much as i’m sure your dog would love to eat upside down pancakes, as a command, not terribly much use if you haven’t set it up as such. You need to know you can maintain the same whistle pitch for your dog every time you blow.  So out of ten, my personal rating would be a 3.

Now there is a second whistle that I would not use on a shoot but for a completely different reason!

ACME GunDog Whistles

The Thunderer Whistle.

Thunderer whistle


Before you ask, I do know people who use these and well! However, on a shoot day I could not recommend it for a simple but important reason, on a shoot day safety is paramount and unfortunately there is on a lot of shoots a safety whistle..most commonly the, Thunderer (this may also be used to indicate the end of a drive asking the guns to break and make safe)

So as a Picker up or Beater, this whistle used as a gundog whistle when you are planning on going on shoot days in my opinion should be avoided

However as a safety whistle, you will struggle to find a louder whistle out there on the market today! I would recommend 5 out of 5. Please note you can view any of these whistles by clicking on the titles or pictures.



Acme 210 Gundog Whistle Black with Lanyard

Very high pitch Gundog Whistle, very stable tone, so whether you collapse your lungs blowing it or literally tickle it, you get the same tone and as proven by many professionals, these whistles stand up to the test of time.

Gundog Whistle

Acme 210.5 gundog Whistle

High pitch Gundog Whistle

These must be the most commonly used whistles within the shooting industry, the acme 210.5 Gundog Whistle, no pea.

Please note you can view any of these whistles by clicking on the titles or pictures.