Has anyone else seen the price of a shooting jacket lately! I was looking around for Best Budget Hunting jackets  before I wrote this article as I need a few due to the continued soaking I seem to find on most days.

I don’t like spending £500 plus for a jacket as I do rip them regularly and I have yet to shake the sleeve of a 100% waterproof jacket!

So In this article I am going to point towards the best I have found and used for under £200. I wish I could go lower but after a hefty amount of trolling the internet there wasn’t a lot about!

Firstly all the jackets I am going to recommend I am only recommending them for one year and that is if you treat them properly.

1.Rivers West Jackets

I always seem to have a few of these in the cupboard, I currently have the mossy oak and the dark green smock. The dark green smock if you can find one is the only one in the price range we are talking about that has NEVER leaked. I am unsure of the model of jacket but if anyone out there knows the one I am talking about please do get in touch!


  1. Ridgeline Jackets

You have a  few options here

  • Ridgeline Monsoon Elite Smock
  • Ridgeline Torrent Jacket
  • Ridgeline Bushmaster Smock

that is to name a few. I have only tested the one but at least wanted to give you a few names to google if you are looking for a new hunting jacket.

In test there jackets are great. they wear well and are warm but waterproof… I am going with a realistic 75% as I have taken it off to a wet patch inside, however when I say this day was wet.. it was very wet pretty much horizontal most the day.

I think the issue is that in my life of shooting and hunting which I do for a living nothing can beat the Scottish elements they always win in the end!

there are some other brands to look at if your budget is higher and I will list them below.

Harkila Hunting Jackets

Fairly Pricey however from all the people I know that have them they have all recommended them!

Swedteam Hunting Jackets

Two of my friends use swedteam and really swear by them, however one other wouldnt use them if he got it as a gift, so I can only sit on the fence as I have never owned one.

The Jackets above are very nicely made, However you are going to pay for it. since when did jackets become £500 plus!! that just seems pretty crazy to me but then again technology is always improving.

be sure to let us know if you have a jacket that has kept the elements out! we like to write about all the products out there that really work.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can do that from the contact us section of the website,